Tried And Tested Debt Letter Templates

Debt letter templates have a bad rep in general, mostly from the people that realize they have to defend themselves from the contents, and they think the easiest way to do this is to try and discredit the letter rather than address the content.

Debt Ninjas letter templates are solid. Tested and tweaked over several years, they’re pretty powerful. They drive straight to the heart of the matter and are difficult to respond to, which is exactly their purpose.

Much of what’s said in these templates is necessary and has a point, so whilst they’re freely available to change around to suit your purpose, please resist removing sections you don’t understand or feel aren’t appropriate. It’s been a long time getting to this point and they work. You will know exactly how well they work when the respondent replies saying they’re from a template and doesn’t say much else.

Debt Letter Templates That Work

Adjust them to fit your situation – full details of how to use them are in the workbook ‘The Title is Unimportant’.By using these debt letter templates you will soon learn how to get out of debt for free.

The templates are drafted in a word doc for ease of editing and are free to anyone who has purchased The Title is Unimportant. Simply send us an email with your proof of purchase and we’ll email them straight to you.


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