How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt

Without Paying A single Penny!

If you found this page through searching Google, Social Media or even recommendation by a friend, then you have something in common with very many people looking for a solution on how to get out of credit card debt. Maybe the stress and anxiety is eating at you and you don’t know what else to do?

First of all STOP! Take a deep breath, let go, and release the fear. There IS a way to get out of it without paying a single penny. You’ve arrived at the right place and the journey starts here.

Credit Card Purchasing Power

Most people in the modern world use credit cards. They’re convenient, pervasive and always ready to cover that impulse purchase that we can figure out later.

Many people (most) get themselves into a situation where the initial rush of having spending power on-tap quickly devolves into a scenario where the card is close to being maxed out and the payment every month makes it a means to survive by using the remaining credit as a source of salary top-up just to get by.

That situation is very common and is just a basic lack of understanding in how to use credit. This isn’t the fault of the end-user; the blame rests squarely with the education system.

When the impulse purchasing power has long since evaporated we’re now on the treadmill. The situation is hopeless for many as that card has now become a millstone and must be carried as part of everyday life to avoid

how to get out of credit card debt for free

potential issues with the bank, debt collectors and other ‘consequences’ of a failure to maintain payments.

This is not a poke at those in that situation; it is rather a cold hard stare at those who created it and are benefiting, at a cost to millions and their happiness & prosperity.

Using Credit Cards

The problem with using credit cards is that the whole system has been mis-sold to us. We’re lead to believe continually that the bank is lending us their own money, which is not the case and is proven easily via several routes. The banks do not lend their own money and haven’t since at least 1694 as stated by William Patterson, founder of the Bank of England in his quote “The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys, which it creates out of nothing”.

Unfortunately, credit cards are not used properly by the vast majority of people and the banks aren’t in any hurry to correct the situation.

So we find ourselves in significant debt with no chance of correcting the matter short of a cash windfall or educating ourselves about what’s really going on, and this is exactly where Debt Ninjas enter the picture.

It is infinitely possible and relatively simple to get out of credit card debt without paying another penny to the ‘creditor’ by utilising contract law and well-established legislation. By standing in honour we can present the bank with an extremely difficult situation from which to continue making their demands. They suddenly run into a brick wall of discomfort regarding their activities, and while they could potentially climb over it, the process would expose their underhand activities for all the world to see.

So they don’t bother. The bank will not risk their thin veneer of a business reputation for the sake of pursuing a debtor that has figured out the game. They ditch the account and let us go, hoping that we’ll go away – which we do for the time being, but we have an ace up our sleeve that’ll be used later to correct the damage they cause to our credit file.

Getting out from under debt is simple once the right tools have been deployed. The bank has no wiggle room and must capitulate because law is law and no one is above it.

Free Yourself From Credit Card Debt!

The Debt Ninjas Way

The Debt Ninja method focuses entirely on the lawful / legal side of what the banks have done (or failed to do), and calls them out on it. It offers them conditional agreement to settle the account subject to their providing answers to some very forthright and probing questions. At that point they would really rather not answer us, and so the resulting impasse is created by the bank and not us.

From that point we are free, but not yet clear. The bank will stop pursuing us but sell the account to a debt collector, who we must then deal with in a similar manner.

The final correction in the process is to force the bank to recant ALL of their negative entries onto our credit file and expunge the record. At that point our commercial standing is restored (our credit rating) and we can go around the cycle again if desired.

A crucial point to remember here is that we live and operate under a commercial system, and we have maintained (as we should), our honourable standing throughout. We simply questioned the validity of the agreement and by extension, the legality of our obligations to the bank.

We have not committed any crime by stopping our payments but have instead acted appropriately under the law, as we are all obliged to halt every action we make as a required function of contract law when there are doubts or suspicions that all is not well regarding the agreement.

Join The Debt Ninja Revolution

Debt Ninjas is just the vehicle for conveying this information. It is the people that use this knowledge to free themselves that will change the system, and who knows, in the near future perhaps banking will become a taboo profession. It will at the very least, have to clean up its act if it is to regain the trust of the people.

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