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What is this site anyway?

Debt Ninjas is a brand new concept that rests on very old laws. It exists to get people out of debt as quickly as possible and without having to pay anything ‘back’. It does this by providing education into the banking system, well established contacting laws, and the power inherent in us all to be able to ask questions. The banks have maintained their operations for hundreds of years by offering a story. That story is not what actually happens, but is the one they want us to believe in and base our decisions, and ultimately fear upon.

Debt Ninjas use contract law and existing legislation to stand in honour and force the creditor to withdraw their claim on us and close the debt account based on their having failed at the outset to observe simple contracting laws and transparency legislation.

Debt Ninjas have been employing this method for around twenty years and have achieved remarkable successes in closing debt accounts (and the door) to debt collectors and collection agencies while removing their ability to take the matter to the courts.

We are a rapidly growing movement, competent in using the laws of contract by which to bring common sense and fairness, the LAW in fact, to lives that have been hijacked by corporate and personal financial greed.

Debt Ninjas present the turning point away from the ruthless profit-driven activities of the financial sector.

The beginning of this journey begins with information. It isn’t new information, it’s actually very old. So old in fact, that it has mostly been forgotten and buried, residing in old dusty banking tomes that nobody reads. The key to its relevance now, is that it is still being used daily in the banks and that is because it is policy. The banks work this way every single day of the week but strangely not many people know about it – and certainly not the customer-facing staff. Lower-level staff are fed the same story as the general public, because they are the general public, hence, they’re fair game for being screwed too.

So after a little learning, the beginning of our action is the pushback of a situation that has been rampant for many years – the alleged debt-to-the-bank scenario. Just this one aspect immediately liberates so-called ‘debtors’ from poverty, misery, and inequality, and opens the door to more new information showing that a very different system has been operating behind the scenes.

Once we experience the reality that nothing we believed is quite how we thought it was, we move forward naturally exhibiting and consciously creating a simpler, more transparent way of conducting ourselves when dealing with others in our daily lives.

The transition is a seamless event because the bottom line universally, is that the vast majority of people just want to live their lives, accomplish something, and live in peaceful co-operation with others. Given that most theft is the result of greed and lack, it isn’t hard to imagine that once people have abundance and operate in honour – because there’ll be no need to steal things they want, then the whole spectrum of life will move up a level. That situation will percolate outwards very quickly until eventually all of the fraudsters in our lives will be presented with a very different and difficult set of circumstances within which to operate.

We do this initially by simply standing the bank on the questionable contract they believe they have with us, and requiring that they submit proofs of all of their claims. We have the right to do this, fully backed by law.

Debt Ninjas LogoDebt Ninjas is all about empowerment and the pursuit of freedom, thus the first stage must naturally be concentrated on the most damaging aspect to people’s lives – getting them out from under the oppressive weight of false debt.

This site then, is all about information. It is our intent to provide the very thing that was deliberately omitted from our ‘education’ from the outset – detailed knowledge and a deep understanding of how credit works. As with anything in this world, once we understand what is happening, our remedy is simple.

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There’s a growing tribe of Debt Ninjas offering their experiences, support,  knowledge, and a friendly hand to assist newcomers in internalising the new information and getting on with the job. This is already a sizeable movement of people because frankly, we’ve all had enough! And eventually the banks will have to change – if they survive it.

There are Debt Ninjas books that detail the problem and solution. A rapidly growing community on Facebook. Instagram, Telegram, TikTok and there’s a YouTube channel soon to feature tutorial videos with ‘Nori’ the Debt Ninja.

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