How To Get Out Of Personal Loan Debt For Free

It’s hard to imagine the modern world functioning without credit and loans, finance and advances from a creditor.

Almost everyone at some point has taken a loan or credit card from a bank and most regret it within months. There are those fortunate enough to enjoy a decent salary and the ‘debt’ never becomes a problem because they simply make the payments mostly without noticing. It never becomes a problem until circumstances change, at which point for many, it becomes the fastest route to poverty unless alternate plans materialise to maintain their regular monthly financial ‘input’.

For those unable to secure a new source of revenue the situation quickly becomes dire, literally within two months. Under conventional (mis) understandings of how the system works, we can expect all manner of bleak events coming at us in the very near future. The bank will write to us every other week stating how serious our missed payments are and that unless payment is made immediately or corrective measure applied, then the account will be passed to collections teams and debt collectors.

Personal Loan Debt Is No Different To Credit Card Debt

Here's The Good News!

None of this need happen and shouldn’t be happening, but the situation at present is that banks are openly exhibiting massive greed and zero consideration for their customers once the cash-flow has stopped.

This had lead to the most oppressed figuring out what can be done to get themselves out of these situations, and these ‘solutions’ range from simple disappearing acts to frankly horrendous situations of desperation. And the banks don’t bat an eyelid.

The good news is that loans can be dealt with in exactly the same manner as credit cards. The same process is employed whether it’s a personal loan, a credit card or finance from a bank! (This doesn’t include a friend or someone you know offering a handout.)

Fortunately the truth always comes out when lies and misrepresentation occur, always.

In this particular case it’s been a long time coming – upwards of 350 years! And as bad as the situation is for people in debt to the banks; the misery, hopelessness, frustration, and despondency – it’s nothing compared to what’s coming at the bankers for what they’ve done to us all.

Your Personal Loans And Credit

Are NOT What They Seem!

Loans and credit are not what they seem. In fact they’re nothing like we can imagine, as the bankers have controlled every part of what we think we understand regarding how it all works.

The truth is now seeping out, in fact it’s already gushing and will be almost impossible to contain once enough people learn and apply it to their situation. The model of banking and its worldwide deployment is about to undergo the biggest and most cataclysmic shake up it has ever seen. And maybe it won’t survive, but one thing is certain – the people that employ law as their primary tool will stand tall when the dust has settled.

To imagine that bankers have not predicted this event arising would be foolish and naïve, but it is coming at them far faster than they could’ve imagined, as little can be done to halt the juggernaut of embittered and soon-to-be-empowered people that seek justice and retribution for the acts banks have done over very many years.

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Debt Ninjas is just the vehicle for conveying this information. It is the people that use this knowledge to free themselves that will change the system, and who knows, in the near future perhaps banking will become a taboo profession. It will at the very least, have to clean up its act if it is to regain the trust of the people.

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