The Title Is Unimportant!

Play The Banks At Their Own Game!

The Title Is Unimportant!
A presentation by P Michael Yates at the E 57 Social Club in Birmingham.

This is how to get out of debt! No fuss, no frills and no paying them or setting up monthly repayments. This is using LAW to deal with unenforceable contracts, imaginary loans, credit and debt. Use it to stand in honour and push back the rogue system.

The intro covers the background of how the Debt Ninjas system came about. Twenty years of trial and error that lead to the wider understanding of what’s happening at the credit and loan level to produce a solid, dependable process for removing ALL unsecured debt. Getting out of debt is easy. Becoming debt free is simple and using credit cards properly has been entirely misdescribed.

The first section begins with quotes from prominent bankers revealing that there’s a very different story in the background to the one that most of us are taught. Have the banks lied to their customers? Are they stealing our property while they smile back at us? And is debt really a fiction?

The bank believes it has a contract with us but does it really? Does that contract stand up to universally agreed pillars of contracting law? Or have they deliberately omitted critical details that make it worthless and unenforceable?

And where is our original Agreement now? Can it be produced for our inspection? Or is it long-gone, sold on the markets for profit? Is that why we only ever see a bad photocopy? Did we realise at the time that we were creating a Security Instrument? Did the bank tell us? Will they tell us now?

Also in this section is a simple outline of what a proper contract is, how to approach it and how to recognise many so-called contracts as being just worthless paper –  including the imaginary adhesion contracts posted as signs in car parks that are nothing like a bona fide agreement between the parties.

The second section explains how credit is created and the devastating efficacy of the Debt Ninjas method. It teaches how to deconstruct ALL of their arguments in just a single letter and put them into a spin regarding how best to contact us from that point. The letter is a hugely powerful tool and makes them retreat rapidly, in addition to removing their ability for accessing the courts to resolve the matter.

Debt collectors are also treated the same way and the letter gums up their gears spectacularly. They are not permitted to visit our home OR (same as the bank) engage the courts in our private matter.

And finally, the presentation covers the Credit File repair as part of the bank apologising to us for acting inappropriately and causing us commercial damage. There’s also an outline of the hustle that can be applied with this method, for those wanting to use it in an ‘extended’ capacity.

Bank – An Institution licensed to receive financial deposits and whose entire business activity is conducted exclusively for the purpose of financial gain.

P. Michael Yates
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